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In Need of Unique Ideas for your Baby’s Hair Accessories?

Nowadays, people are so hooked in having a fashionista lifestyle, even kids are so conscious about the way they dress or look. That is why they are looking for all the things they could use to accessorize their selves
and have their own style.

Being a parent you want to always make sure that your kids look their best. You want them to have their own style, especially with your young girls and babies. One of the things you always took extra care is you hair, it is a fact, that for women of any ages that is, that the hair is your crowning glory. Therefore, you would do anything just to make sure your precious hair is always on its best.

One thing that most women do is that they wear hair accessories to accentuate or bring attention to their hair. You use many kinds of head bands, hair bows, clips and other accessories. And oftentimes, there are happenings that a friend or someone in that same place is wearing the same accessory that you are using.

Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!

Having a fashionista lifestyle, or even just a simple dresser, you want to be unique.
You do not want to go to a certain place having someone wearing the same dress or accessory you are using. That is also true for most mothers out there, you want your babies to have their own unique style, especially in hair gear kit. By making this possible you can make hair accessories for your babies.

Yes! That is possible.

With just a little imagination and effort you can make something good, especially nowadays that everything is available.  You can grab all the materials you need to make customized hair accessories. These hair accessories will be absolutely special when you give  your personal touch to it. Making unique hair accessories gives its best reward when people notice and admire your work.

Find out how to make your own hair accessories, visit our website about hair accessories.

New Products Coming Soon!

Just wanted to let everyone know that we at are working on a whole bunch of fun new products for our website! We are creating new bow designs and writing new how-to ebooks so those of you who love to do-it-yourself can make all kinds of fun bows for your girls.

We are also starting a line of other handmade accessories including baby shoes made of soft washable fleece with hand embroidery and purses for your little princesses. And who knows, maybe we’ll have so much fun creating these that we’ll make a bunch of other handmade items too!

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Dress Up Play Time

Children love playing and letting their imaginations run wild. To help boost your child’s creativity you probably buy toys, games, arts and crafts supplies, and numerous other items to help keep your child occupied and learning in a fun way. Here’s a great idea that is sure to become a favorite: Build or fill up a dress up trunk for your children.

Children are great imitators. They love to dress up like their favorite cartoon character, hero, storybook character or wherever their imagination carries them. One important part of any child’s toy collection is a dress up trunk!

This can be simple, such as old Halloween costumes placed in a box. A more organized and thought out dress up play corner can be made by purchasing a trunk or other container and filling it with hats, gloves, beads, boas, masks, wigs, lab coats, tutus, fancy dresses, bow ties, regular ties, shoes, firemen and policemen costumes, etc.

Princess Girl Party Dress

This trunk can be the starting point of many childhood adventures and family play times. Mom and Dad can get involved by helping the children to dress up and act out a story, poem or nursery rhyme.
Children learn so much through their play. Dress up play can add significantly to a child’s imagination and sense of self. is a great place to purchase some of the fancy finery that makes a dress up trunk so much fun! Check out their collection of fairy princess halo headbands, tutus, and fancy dresses—and get ready for endless hours of fun!

Making Baby Bows

If you are the mother of a little girl and love to accessorize every outfit that she has, you know that purchasing bows and headbands to match every different outfit can become quite expensive. A great alternative is to invest a little bit of money into a really good “How To” book and some bow making supplies, and then make as many bows as your heart desires!

Bow making is not too difficult of a skill to learn, but it does take practice to make perfect boutique quality baby bows. But, the practice is fun too, and you can always use the ‘not quite perfect’ bows for your own children!

Making baby bows is my favorite hobby and I love that I have turned it into a successful at-home business as well. The perfect job is one that you have fun doing, and baby bow making is definitely the answer for me.

It took a while for me to learn how to make boutique hair bows. I purchased a bow making book online and practiced each of the steps until I was confident in my bow making technique. Once I had the basic skills down I could begin making as many bows as I wanted, in many different styles and looks.

My baby girl is always wearing an adorable headband that accents her sweet angel face and matches her outfits. I get so many new ideas from looking at bows online or in stores. Because I practiced the basic techniques until I had them down I am now able to duplicate complicated bows just by looking at them for awhile and then practicing until I get it exactly right.

I wanted to share some of the tips and tricks that I have learned, and also make an easy to follow and learn from bow making book. Soon this book will be available at for download or purchase. This book is complete with full color pictures of each step, thorough instructions on how to make bows- everything from simple and sweet bows, to big, funky bows with mirabou- and all the information that you need to get started making your own beautiful and fun baby hairbows.

Whether you are looking for a new hobby, looking to save money but still have a stylish little girl, or looking to start up a new business from home, Baby Bow Making is a fantastic craft and skill to learn!

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How to Make Baby Headbands

Baby Headband InstructionsHeadbands for newborns, toddlers and bigger girls are a great accessory. You can purchase or make head bands with bows or flowers attached, or you can make bows on clips that can be worn either on a headband or in a girl’s hair alone.

Making your own baby bows or flower headbands can be less expensive than purchasing a whole collection of bows and head bands, and it allows you to be creative and make bows specifically to match your favorite outfits. You can also use this bow making hobby as a way to make great gifts for family and friends or to start up your own bow making business as a way to earn a few extra dollars.

Be aware that buying ribbon to make one or two bows will not save you any time or money. Spools of ribbon and tools can cost you as much as several bows would cost to have shipped to you. So, if you want to learn to make lots of bows for your kids, family and friends it can really pay off but for a couple of bows you would probably just break even with what you would have spent on a few of the finished product. Better to give a hairbow gift certificate and let the professionals handle the hard parts if you’re not going to make bow making a new hobby.

Making baby headbands can be quite challenging and also fulfilling, which is why we’ve created a hairbow instructions book, “How to Make Baby Headbands”, to help you succeed in making beautiful bows and headbands for the girls in your life.

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