Baby Headband InstructionsHeadbands for newborns, toddlers and bigger girls are a great accessory. You can purchase or make head bands with bows or flowers attached, or you can make bows on clips that can be worn either on a headband or in a girl’s hair alone.

Making your own baby bows or flower headbands can be less expensive than purchasing a whole collection of bows and head bands, and it allows you to be creative and make bows specifically to match your favorite outfits. You can also use this bow making hobby as a way to make great gifts for family and friends or to start up your own bow making business as a way to earn a few extra dollars.

Be aware that buying ribbon to make one or two bows will not save you any time or money. Spools of ribbon and tools can cost you as much as several bows would cost to have shipped to you. So, if you want to learn to make lots of bows for your kids, family and friends it can really pay off but for a couple of bows you would probably just break even with what you would have spent on a few of the finished product. Better to give a hairbow gift certificate and let the professionals handle the hard parts if you’re not going to make bow making a new hobby.

Making baby headbands can be quite challenging and also fulfilling, which is why we’ve created a hairbow instructions book, “How to Make Baby Headbands”, to help you succeed in making beautiful bows and headbands for the girls in your life.

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