Tails Up Bow Tutorial

Here is a Sneak Preview of AngelHeadbands.com’s Bow Making Instruction Book! If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make your own bows and headbands for your babies and girls, this is the book for you!  Enjoy this free tutorial!

This style of bow making is very popular for boutique style hair bows.  Using different widths and types of ribbon makes each bow so unique, you’ll love seeing what you can create!

Materials Needed: Ribbon, floral wire, wire cutters, flat nosed pliers, scissors, fray check.

Step One: Begin by holding the tail of ribbon in one hand while forming a loop behind this tail with your other hand, as shown in the picture.

Step Two: While holding the first loop firmly in place between your thumb and index finger, make a loop that is the same size as the first by crossing the ribbon back over the section that you are holding. Now hold both loops in place as shown. You can adjust the size of both loops or the angles made by the ribbon at this point to achieve the look that you want. These two loops will be the top loops of your finished bow.

Step Three: Make the third loop of this bow by folding the ribbon around the back of the bow and grasp it under the other layers already in place.

Step Four: Complete the loops of this tails up bow by bringing the tail of the ribbon back to the front and crossing it directly over the middle, as shown. Hold all the layers of ribbon tightly together and scrutinize your bow to make sure that all four of the loops are the same size and lie symmetrically around the center of the bow.

Step Five: While holding the center of the bow firmly, use both hands to fold and scrunch the layers until several creases are made, as shown.

Step Six: Use a length of floral wire to tie the center tightly, while carefully holding the ribbon and folds in place. This can be tricky! Don’t get discouraged if it takes you a lot of practice to get this part down.

Twist the wire on the back side of the bow to cinch it tightly around all of the layers of ribbon. Cut the excess wire off using your wire cutters.

Step Seven: Cut the end of the ribbon using sharp fabric scissors.

Congratulations! Your Tails Up bow is complete!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peek into our Baby Bow Making Instruction Book!  If you like what you see here, but want even more details, styles, and step by step instructions, visit www.AngelHeadbands.com to purchase the whole book at a big discount!

In Need of Unique Ideas for your Baby’s Hair Accessories?

Nowadays, people are so hooked in having a fashionista lifestyle, even kids are so conscious about the way they dress or look. That is why they are looking for all the things they could use to accessorize their selves
and have their own style.

Being a parent you want to always make sure that your kids look their best. You want them to have their own style, especially with your young girls and babies. One of the things you always took extra care is you hair, it is a fact, that for women of any ages that is, that the hair is your crowning glory. Therefore, you would do anything just to make sure your precious hair is always on its best.

One thing that most women do is that they wear hair accessories to accentuate or bring attention to their hair. You use many kinds of head bands, hair bows, clips and other accessories. And oftentimes, there are happenings that a friend or someone in that same place is wearing the same accessory that you are using.

Oh my Gosh!!!!!!!!

Having a fashionista lifestyle, or even just a simple dresser, you want to be unique.
You do not want to go to a certain place having someone wearing the same dress or accessory you are using. That is also true for most mothers out there, you want your babies to have their own unique style, especially in hair gear kit. By making this possible you can make hair accessories for your babies.

Yes! That is possible.

With just a little imagination and effort you can make something good, especially nowadays that everything is available.  You can grab all the materials you need to make customized hair accessories. These hair accessories will be absolutely special when you give  your personal touch to it. Making unique hair accessories gives its best reward when people notice and admire your work.

Find out how to make your own hair accessories, visit our website about hair accessories.

Memories To Last Forever…

Isn’t it wonderful that you would be able to be with your family for forever?

You have a great yearning, to see your kids grow and be with them all through the way. Guiding them in every decision they make in life, making sure they would do the right thing.

But, as a sad truth, that is not possible, all you can do is give all the best you can as long as you are there, because you won’t be here forever.

The best thing you can do is to take pictures of every special moment you are with your precious kids, keep a journal or you can make albums or scrapbooks where you would put all the pictures you have taken. It will serve as your “recuerdos. These are the only things they can treasure and keep when you would be gone. It will make your memories to last forever, that they could cherish over and over again.

Having the freedom to do all the things that can make your child happy is one of the nicest things here on earth. You have all the possibilities to provide them the care and love they needed, show them support whenever they really need it. Precious times like these are the best memories that last forever, even if we don’t, memory remains, good memories that the people we love can treasure.

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Best Name For My Baby, You Really Have To Think Twice

As the woman bears her precious child, both parents are thrilled and delighted to give name for their babies.

Giving or choosing a name is one of the exciting stages you parents go through in waiting for your expected baby. You want your baby’s name to be beautiful and perfect. Others want their baby’s name to be unique, others get it from books which the name has good meaning, others give their child the name of their favorite character from a movie or novel or an artist.

Finding a name that will fit and be perfect for your baby is really an easy task but sure enough you parents really take it seriously, you wouldn’t want your kids hating you for giving them a funny or unusual name, which sometimes really occur and can be the cause for other kids to laugh at them. As much as you parents avoid this to happen, it is possible.

I don’t know but it really happen at times that parents give unusual names to their kids, as parents you should be sensitive about this things. This alone can be a reason for your kids to be upset, possibly whole their life and want to change their name.

Things like these happen in the whole world, and there are really parents who give their kids such a name. :-/

As I write through this blog post, just then that I realize that you really have to be serious and careful in giving names to your precious little one. Also it will be nice to avoid giving them a very common name. I’ve experienced it many a times, that I thought I was the one called but it wasn’t me 🙁 It was kinda embarrassing.

Now I can honestly say, in giving names to your babies, you really have to think twice.

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Slumber of An Angel… Someone’s asks for More!

When we talk about baby’s, we could only think about their charm and how cute they are. But in reality most parents are having problems in putting their cute little babies to sleep.

Putting your babies to sleep can be sometimes stressful. Sometimes you may notice that your babies breathing pauses or they sometimes groan and grind their little teeth when they already grew them, they may sometimes suddenly awakes.

These happenings are just normal for your babies sleeping habits, but of course knowing more about these things can help you be at ease.

Periodic breathing is its clinical term or what doctors call it, this happens until your babies are about six months old. These are normal things to happen but when there are events that your baby’s life is threatened by it. You have to talk to a doctor about this, especially when your babies are older than six months.

Sometimes baby’s snores too, this is also normal and you really don’t have to worry, particularly if your baby just has colds. But, if the snoring is erratic there may be a problem and it would be good to get advice from your trusted doctor.

Teeth grinding becomes possible when your baby’s starting to grow their first teeth when they are about six months old. Causes of this are the awareness of the growing teeth or maybe the pain they feel because of the teeth’s growth, or maybe because of the breathing problems they encounter. You must visit your dentist for your babies to have checked up, this is advisable for babies about to turn one year old.

Generally, this things are just normal, but not to the extent. It is still better to get advice from doctors who knows best.

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Baby Bad Hair Day??

It’s so nice to see your lovely kids with their flowing shiny hair. As a mother, apart from your general concern about your kids, you take extra care with their hair too. You want them to look at their best, as everyone says, hair is the crowning glory of a woman, even for your little ones. But you have to admit, we all have our share of bad hair days.

Is your little charming girls having a bad hair day and you couln’t do anyhting about it? Or maybe you need anything to fix it and you can’t take hold of anything?

Good thing, infant-headbands.com offer a wide variety of beautiful hair accessories that your kids can use anytime to fix their hair if it’s a sight not too good when left  hanging freely. We are absolutely sure that you can find just the thing you are looking for in our available hair accessories.

We know how hard it is to maintain a beautiful shiny hair, so if your little girl is having a bad hair day, don’t hesitate to use any hair accessory to help it look better. Don’t go to drastic actions and do all the treatment on your kids hair. Things just happened, and hair treatment can worsen any damages.

You can cover up your daughter’s bad hair day by using beautiful hair bands, hair bows, pigtails and other hair accessories which you can avail from our site. You can click here to take pick. You’d be surprised with our wonderful offerings.

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Special Days Of Your Life…

Isn’t it the blessed truth?

That the most special days of your life was when you where awaiting the coming of your new born child you get too excited and you can’t even sleep, wondering what your baby’s going to look like, which of your features did your baby inherit, and when you hear the first cry of your precious baby, you feel heavenly. When you see the beautiful angelic face, it takes away all the hurt and pain you endure as giving birth to your beloved baby.

Giving birth to your child is not an easy thing to do so as, bringing them up.  Dawning another life from inside of you is such a miracle and the most magical and amazing thing that happen here on earth. You can never imagine of how it was possible that you could give life to another being, we are so majestically made by God that He gave such confidence that we mere people can bring life to the world.

As a sign of showing gratitude for the given gift and making special days for your life, as parents you ought to give them all the things they needed, nurture them with all the love and support. Show them that they are well loved and that they are important and they do matter to you.

Don’t be contented with just giving them material things for that can’t compensate and will never be enough for them, let them feel that you are truly there for them, guiding them all through the way, that way they will feel secure.

Having a baby are the most special days of your life.

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Good Parenting,…

Growing old, you think of the things that will happen in the near future, you think of the things that may affect your baby’s life.

As parents, you want to assure that your beloved babies will have a wonderful and good future that lies ahead, so you make and plan things to make it possible.

Being a parent takes so much responsibility and requires great patience and passion.  You won’t be a successful parent, if you don’t provide your children the things they needed. Apart from providing them food to eat, clothes to wear and home to live in, that are necessarily needed, you have to give them the things they could do with, on occasions you have to let them have what they want, especially if they have done or achieved something great that you could be proud of.

We are not just talking about material things here, this about your relationship to them, specially on the father’s, sometimes you’re too busy to spend some time with your kids and then you wonder why they are not close or affectionate to you.

As a father your kids look up to you, they perceive you as the strongest person in the world, in their innocent eyes you are their superhero, they adore you, you are the first man your daughters adore and love, your young boys desires to be like you, you have to show them compassion and you have to be a good role model for them. Give time to have precious moments with them that you can cherish forever.

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Baby Hair Accessories… Great Products You can Choose from!!!

You just simply love it, seeing your lovely kids all dressed up, looking like a princess in a fairytale. Admit it or not you parents see your kids as the most beautiful child in the whole wide Milky Way galaxy. ;D

Having a mind set like that, you would want to provide all things that can make your kids look as much as what you see them to be, that doesn’t mean that they are just beautiful in your eyes. Oh, certainly kids are the most adoring and precious creations, God has given to you.

To be able to fulfill your heartfelt desire to provide these things to your kids, we offer the best accessories you can doll up your kids with. We offer a wide range of selections you can choose from.

These are interchangeable headbands, accent clips, bow clips, pigtail pairs, flower clips, bow headbands, flower headbands and festive holiday bows.

Interchangeable headbands are headbands that allow you to attach bows and flowers that match your beloved babies outfit. When you just want to use a little something to just hold her hair back perfectly accent clips we offer are a perfect choice.

The bow clips we offer are attached to a non slip clip that you can make sure it won’t fall off and ruin babies’ hairstyle and is also treated to prevent fraying, so you can enjoy using it for a long time. Whenever you want to make pigtails in your kids’ hair, you want to make it more noticeable by using beautiful pigtail pair hair bows and we offer just that!

Flower clips absolutely adds enhancement to your kids charm. Bow headbands are just the thing if you want to keep your babies hair from falling off her face but don’t want to use clips. Flower headbands are also a nice option. We also have festive holiday bows just perfect for the holidays.

Having all this lovely accessories to choose from what else are you waiting for? This is the answer to your need to find something that is innovating and refreshing to accentuate your babies’ beauty!

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Baby’s Well Taken Cared Of

There’s this quote that says when you throw a baby in the air, he laughs because he knows you will catch him. That’s trust, that’s how your baby’s trust you, that they will be well taken cared of.

As parents you are always concern on the things you use for your babies, foods they take, the toys they play with because they more often than not use their mouths for discovering things and you know how this toys can get very dirty, also one of the things you take in to consideration is the clothes and / or dress your babies wear.

You as a parent always make sure that the clothes your baby is wearing are comfortable and make them feel at ease, not one of those itchy and scratchy clothes that irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Being a parent you tend to be overly protective to your kids as much as you won’t admit it to your self, but that is the mainstream of being a parent. You want your kids to be always safe and in good condition. There are times when your most precious baby get sick and you want to take it away and it’s like you’re going crazy thinking about things you could do to ease the pain. But all you could do is run them in the hospital and nag the doctor about it. ;D

Most times, as a blessing from God, it all turned out to be just a simple growing of tooth that causes the low fever and keeps your cute little baby crying out all the sorrows of the world, just kidding, but they sometimes cry out so loud.

Don’t you worry, your friend Mr. Doctor will take good care of your cute little brood and will make sure every thing is going to be fine. And all you have to do is to make sure that your little angel is well looked after.

Being a parent is the most rewarding and fulfilling job on earth. Being able to brought up your children so well, see how they grow into a successful person is so satisfying.

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